The autumn migration is still going, but the first winter guests are already here

Eurasian Spoonbills, Photo: Vl. Deryabin

Unusual warm and dry weather still continues at the BSPB Protected Site Poda near Burgas. This results in quite a strange bird species composition. Some long-distance migrants are still here, such as the emblematic for Poda Eurasian Spoonbill, the Little Egret and other birds, which was supposed to be at this time in the far Africa. The autumn migration of the Common Buzzard continues over Poda, although not so intensively. Groups of four - six birds pass as last echo from the extremely interesting passage of storks, pelicans, raptors and common cranes, observed by the Poda team between August and October 2015.
Still active are also the other animals, which were supposed to be already wintering. Not only the tree frogs, blotched snakes and grass snakes, but many insects, too, including dragonflies, butterflies and beetles are seen around the BSPB Centre Poda.
And if not to forget that the winter is coming, since the beginning of November some typical winter guests appeared - the Tundra Swan and Whooper Swan. Every day several dozens of these birds are feeding in the shallow areas of Foros Bay for enjoinment of the visitors and the staff of the BSPB Nature Conservation Centre.
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Little Egret, Photo: Vl. Deryabin
Photo: Vl. Deryabin