Rare winter visitor at Poda Protected Site

Little Bustard, Photo: Internet

The New 2016 started with interesting birds at Poda Protected Site. The cold front from North brought hundreds of Smew, tens of swans and hundreds of Skylarks. But the real start of the birdwatching season was given by Ivaylo Dimchev on 04.01.2016 with his observation of two Little Bustards flying from North-East towards South-West over the Protected Site. This is the first record of the Little Bustard for Poda.

The Little Bustard (Tetrax tetrax) is Near Threatened species according to the criteria of BirdLife International. It is included in the Bulgarian Red Data Book as a species, extinct as breeder from the country. Luckily Bulgaria is situated on the way of migration and wandering of this bird and annually single birds or small groups can be seen during winter, mainly in North-Eastern Bulgaria.

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