New record of the globally endangered Long-tailed Duck (Clangula hyemalis) at BSPB Poda Protected Site

Long-tailed Duck, photo: Petar Iankov, BSPB

Poda Protected Site is well known as one of the most important refuges for the globally endangered bird species in Bulgaria, especially during the winter period. The daily presence of the Dalmatian Pelican and Common Pochard is something usual. The strong winter this year, however, added to them the White-headed Duck, Slavonian Grebe, Red-breasted Geese. Another globally endangered species was observed at Poda Protected Site on 30.01.2017 - the Long-tailed Duck (Clangula hyemalis). One female individual was keeping and feeding together with the Common Pochards and Tufted Ducks next to the BSPB Nature Conservation Centre Poda.

The Long-tailed Duck is an Arctic species. It breeds at the northernmost parts of Europe, North America and Greenland, as well as in the Russian tundra. In Europe it winters along the Atlantic coast and in Baltic Sea. Probably the strong cold weather this winter are the reason for the bird to move so far southward, though since 1976 Long-tailed Ducks have been observed in Bulgaria many times along the Black Sea coast, the Danube River and at some of the inland wetlands.

According to BirdLife International the Long-tailed Duck has been listed as Vulnerable because of an apparent severe decline detected in the wintering population in the Baltic Sea between the early 1990s and late 2000s. This rate of decline implies that the global population will undergo at least a 30% decline over three generations (1993-2020).

The appearance of the Long-tailed Duck is the next confirmation about how important are the really protected sites as Poda Reserve for the survival of some of the most endangered birds on the planet. After almost 20 years of conservation presence of BSPB at Poda, the site was turned from one of the most popular hunting territories around Burgas to one of the safest in Bulgaria staging areas for birds all year round and especially during the most difficult winter season.

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Long-tailed Duck, photo: Petar Iankov, BSPB