Poda Nature Centre celebrated the International Day of Birds with a voluntary action

Part of the team, photo: P. Iankov

On the very International Day of Birds - 1st April, Poda Nature Centre together with the Regional Forestry Directorate - Burgas, organized an opening of the Week of the Forest (http://bspb.org/bg/news/Otkrivane-po-sluchai-sedmitsata-na-gorata-v-Prirodozashtitnia-tsentyr-Poda.html). This is a national event in Bulgaria, started in the past as early as in 1925. That is why on 2nd April 2017 volunteers - friends of Poda, celebrated the International Day of Birds with an action for cleaning and refreshing of the Centre and the protected site itself.

Twenty enthusiasts, split into three teams, made the Centre more attractive for visitors, cleaned the two birdwatching hides in the area from the pollution done by the barn owls, using them for roosting during the winter. The visitors path in the protected area was also cleaned from the materials remained from the newly built staircase of the closer hide. The volunteers done the work with great enthusiasm and painstaking and after several hours they gathered around the fire for the traditional for such cases barbeque. It was particularly pleasant because of the satisfaction, tasty grilled sausages, cold beer and refreshments.

Sincere thanks to Anna-Maria Violetova Ivanova, Chris Day, Esvet Emurlova, Galina Ivanova Ivanova, George Patrikov, Pavel Pavlov, Radina Atanasova, Sandra Day, Sylvia Ivanova and Snezhana Veselinova for their invaluable help for the maintenance of Poda!

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The closer birding hide,  photo: P. Iankov
The closer hide,  photo: P. Iankov
Utilisation of the wood, photo: P. Iankov
The barbeque, photo: P. Iankov
Around the table, photo: P. Iankov
Satisfaction,  photo: P. Iankov