New observation of the Cattle Egret (Bubulcus ibis) near the BSPB Poda Nature Centre

Cattle Egret, Photo: Arttu Nurmi

That the success often follows the devoted persons was shown to us by thirteen-year-old photographer Arttu Nurmi from Finland. On September 12, 2017, he and his father visited the Poda Nature Conservation Centre, and the young man impressed us with his gleaming enthusiasm in shooting the numerous birds feeding and flying around the Centre. With a remarkable experience for his age he managed to make dozens of wonderful photographs of the Pygmy Cormorants, Marsh Harriers, Spotted Redshanks, Wood Sandpipers, Marsh Sandpipers, Common Snipes, Ruffs and other birds. Among his hits was also an immature Cattle Egret - a species not very common for Bulgaria.

The Cattle Egret has been seen several times at the Poda Protected Site, even during the breeding season, though no breeding has been proved. In Western Europe, this species increases its numbers and its occupied territory, so it will not be a surprise if meetings with them continue to increase in Bulgaria, too.

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Arttu Nurmi at Poda Centre, Photo: Lassi Nurmi