The Rustic Bunting (Emberiza rustica) became the two hundred and ninetieth bird species of the BSPB Reserve Poda


It is well known that October is the best month to find vagrants and other rarities in Eastern and Central Europe. This fact was confirmed on 14 October 2017, when the photographer from Burgas Dimitar Rusev pictured a Rustic Bunting ( Emberiza rustica ) during his another visit to the BSPB Reserve Poda, just few hundred meters from the Poda Nature Centre. Thus the numbers of the bird species of the Poda Protected Site became two hundred and ninety. Record species diversity for a site of just one square kilometer! Inerestingly, few days before that, another individual...

New observation of the Cattle Egret (Bubulcus ibis) near the BSPB Poda Nature Centre


That the success often follows the devoted persons was shown to us by thirteen-year-old photographer Arttu Nurmi from Finland. On September 12, 2017, he and his father visited the Poda Nature Conservation Centre, and the young man impressed us with his gleaming enthusiasm in shooting the numerous birds feeding and flying around the Centre. With a remarkable experience for his age he managed to make dozens of wonderful photographs of the Pygmy Cormorants, Marsh Harriers, Spotted Redshanks, Wood Sandpipers, Marsh Sandpipers, Common Snipes, Ruffs and other birds. Among his...

Together with the just started astronomical summer the first migrants from Northern Europe arrived at Poda Reserve


On 21 June 2017 almost together with the just started astronomical summer, the first migrants from Northern Europe arrived at the BSPB managed Reserve Poda near Burgas. It was a flock of Spotted Redshanks, most of which adults in full breeding plumage, but also juvenile birds with them. Obviously they had a long flight, as the first they start to do was to sleep and actively feed. Another confirmation about the key role sites as Poda Reserve have as staging stations during migration, where many birds can have rest and food on their difficult and dangerous travel. As if...

Poda Nature Centre celebrated the International Day of Birds with a voluntary action


On the very International Day of Birds - 1st April, Poda Nature Centre together with the Regional Forestry Directorate - Burgas, organized an opening of the Week of the Forest (http://bspb.org/bg/news/Otkrivane-po-sluchai-sedmitsata-na-gorata-v-Prirodozashtitnia-tsentyr-Poda.html). This is a national event in Bulgaria, started in the past as early as in 1925. That is why on 2nd April 2017 volunteers - friends of Poda, celebrated the International Day of Birds with an action for cleaning and refreshing of the Centre and the protected site itself. Twenty enthusiasts,...