Together with the just started astronomical summer the first migrants from Northern Europe arrived at Poda Reserve


On 21 June 2017 almost together with the just started astronomical summer, the first migrants from Northern Europe arrived at the BSPB managed Reserve Poda near Burgas. It was a flock of Spotted Redshanks, most of which adults in full breeding plumage, but also juvenile birds with them. Obviously they had a long flight, as the first they start to do was to sleep and actively feed. Another confirmation about the key role sites as Poda Reserve have as staging stations during migration, where many birds can have rest and food on their difficult and dangerous travel. As if...

Poda Nature Centre celebrated the International Day of Birds with a voluntary action


On the very International Day of Birds - 1st April, Poda Nature Centre together with the Regional Forestry Directorate - Burgas, organized an opening of the Week of the Forest (http://bspb.org/bg/news/Otkrivane-po-sluchai-sedmitsata-na-gorata-v-Prirodozashtitnia-tsentyr-Poda.html). This is a national event in Bulgaria, started in the past as early as in 1925. That is why on 2nd April 2017 volunteers - friends of Poda, celebrated the International Day of Birds with an action for cleaning and refreshing of the Centre and the protected site itself. Twenty enthusiasts,...

Another globally threatened species – Greater Spotted Eagle Clanga clanga recorded at BSPB Poda Protected Site


During the first seconds after appearing on the terrace of the BSPB Poda Centre on 18.02.2017, some lucky visitors got in view three globally endangered species of birds: Common Pochard Aythya ferina , Dalmatian Pelican Pelecanus crispus and the Greater Spotted Eagle Clanga clanga . And if the first two species are common sightings for Poda, we were very happy to see the third one, as there are not so many places, where it can be observed. The eagle was flying from South-East towards North-West, and for some time started soaring over the protected site. The...

New record of the globally endangered Long-tailed Duck (Clangula hyemalis) at BSPB Poda Protected Site


Poda Protected Site is well known as one of the most important refuges for the globally endangered bird species in Bulgaria, especially during the winter period. The daily presence of the Dalmatian Pelican and Common Pochard is something usual. The strong winter this year, however, added to them the White-headed Duck, Slavonian Grebe, Red-breasted Geese. Another globally endangered species was observed at Poda Protected Site on 30.01.2017 - the Long-tailed Duck ( Clangula hyemalis ). One female individual was keeping and feeding together with the Common Pochards and...

Japanese Television made a documentary for Poda Protected Site


The BSPB Nature Conservation Centre Poda is well known far from the borders of Bulgaria. Amongst our visitors have been people from Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Canada, Brazil and other. At the end of 2016 the Nature Centre met a Japanese TV crew, organized by "Film Fixers Bulgaria", who made a reportage about the Centre, the Protected Site and its wildlife. It will be broadcasted in the "Sekai no hate made ITTEQ" of the Television Channel "Nippon TV" with the well known Hayako Imoto. About 1,8 to 2 million are the televiewers of this TV Channel and we are...

The renovated library of the BSPB Poda Conservation Centre awaits its visitors


Recently the renovation of the library of the BSPB Poda Conservation Centre was completed. Beside the renovated interior considerable amount of books was donated. Amongst them are the full set of the classic series ‘Fauna of Bulgaria' started 1950 by the Bulgarian Academy of Science, large part of the similar series ‘Flora of Bulgaria'. They will increase the possibilities of students, researchers and other interested people to carry out Internship and other scientific studies at the BSPB Centre and the Protected Site Poda. Of help to them will be also some...