Rare winter visitor at Poda Protected Site


The New 2016 started with interesting birds at Poda Protected Site. The cold front from North brought hundreds of Smew, tens of swans and hundreds of Skylarks. But the real start of the birdwatching season was given by Ivaylo Dimchev on 04.01.2016 with his observation of two Little Bustards flying from North-East towards South-West over the Protected Site. This is the first record of the Little Bustard for Poda. The Little Bustard (Tetrax tetrax) is Near Threatened species according to the criteria of BirdLife International. It is included in the Bulgarian Red Data...

Christmas initiative of PODA Conservation Centre


The BSPB PODA Conservation Centre launched its Christmas initiative turning to everybody who will meet the holydays with live Christmas tree to bring it afterwards to the Conservation Centre for planting it in the area. The aim is to increase coverage of pine vegetation in the vicinity of the Protected Site and to create better conditions for the wildlife, associated with such vegetation. The Conservation Centre will provide tools and assistance to everybody who will be keen to plant personally their trees or the trees will be planted by the PODA Team. All tree...


New record of a Horned Grebe (Podiceps auritus)


The Horned Grebe ( Podiceps auritus ) is somehow a phantom bird in Bulgaria. It is known that it occurs in the country during the migration period and winter time, but our knowledge about it is far from the desirable level. We do not know enough how many of these birds stay in Bulgaria, where, during which periods, etc. This species even did not find its place in the Bulgarian Red Data Book, in spite of the fact, that its global population is decreasing (http://www.birdlife.org/datazone/speciesfactsheet.php?id=3640). One of the main reasons for our scarce knowledge...

Active migration of raptors in mid-November over Burgas area


It is usually considered that the migration of the soaring raptors lulls around the end of October. Unusually active migration of raptors, however, was observed on 15.11.2015 over Sarafovo estate of Burgas. For little more than three hours (between 11.35 and 14.45 local time) in total 1054 common buzzards ( Buteo buteo ) passed in south-western direction, together with 6 sparrowhawks ( Accipiter nisus ), 4 marsh harriers ( Circus aeruginosus ), 1 white-tailed sea eagle ( Haliaeetus albicilla ), 1 long-legged buzzard ( Buteo rufinus ) and even 1 lesser spotted eagle (...

The autumn migration is still going, but the first winter guests are already here


Unusual warm and dry weather still continues at the BSPB Protected Site Poda near Burgas. This results in quite a strange bird species composition. Some long-distance migrants are still here, such as the emblematic for Poda Eurasian Spoonbill, the Little Egret and other birds, which was supposed to be at this time in the far Africa. The autumn migration of the Common Buzzard continues over Poda, although not so intensively. Groups of four - six birds pass as last echo from the extremely interesting passage of storks, pelicans, raptors and common cranes, observed by the...