The autumn migration is still going, but the first winter guests are already here


Unusual warm and dry weather still continues at the BSPB Protected Site Poda near Burgas. This results in quite a strange bird species composition. Some long-distance migrants are still here, such as the emblematic for Poda Eurasian Spoonbill, the Little Egret and other birds, which was supposed to be at this time in the far Africa. The autumn migration of the Common Buzzard continues over Poda, although not so intensively. Groups of four - six birds pass as last echo from the extremely interesting passage of storks, pelicans, raptors and common cranes, observed by the...

Record numbers of the breeding Eurasian Spoonbills in the colony at BSPB Poda Protected Site


Record numbers of the breeding Eurasian Spoonbills in the colony at Poda Protected Site were shown by the research, done by Julia Kestler, an internship student at the BSPB Nature Conservation Centre. Since March 2015 Julia Kestler was studying the main aspects of the breeding of this emblematic species for the Poda Protected Site. In 1989 BSPB proposed the site for designation as protected area with the main reason to preserve the only Spoonbill colony along the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. The numbers of the breeding pairs has been monitored since the 1970s and the...

Nature Conservation Centre Poda was presented at a scientific conference on ecotourism in Burgas


The BSPB Nature Conservation Centre Poda was presented at the scientific conference ‘Ecological and Rural Tourism - challenges and perspectives', organized on 18th and 19th of July 2015 by the College of Tourism together with the Burgas University ‘Prof. Asen Zlatarov' and the Burgas Association of Ecological and Rural Tourism (BAERT). Researchers, university teachers and experts from the field of tourism presented in 26 reports different aspects of the state and development of the ecological and rural tourism. Of particular interest were the...

Distinguished American artist visited BSPB Poda Conservation Centre


The watercolor artist from USA Sandra L. Strohschein visited the BSPB Conservation Centre Poda at the end of May during her trip through Bulgaria, connected with her forthcoming exhibition in Balchik. Poda Protected Site appeared to be the first place in our country, which charmed Sandra and provoked her creative impulse. From the terrace of the Conservation Centre she demonstrated her outstanding talent into a lovely work, combining the beauty of the site with the extraordinary flair and mastery of the artist. "I felt here special and very strong positive energy!",...

Greater Flamingo over the BSPB Reserve Poda near Burgas


Twelve adult Greater Flamingos (Phoenicopterus roseus) appeared on 15.05.2015 over the BSPB Reserve Poda near Burgas. The flock passed over the entire northern part of the site and started soaring over the Foros Bay. From time to time birds were flying lower, as trying to find a place to land. Eventually they took direction north over the Burgas Bay towards Atanasovsko Lake. As it is well known, the Salinas there provide very suitable conditions for these birds. The Greater Flamingo is a rare and irregular vagrant to Bulgaria. Most of the records consist of single or...

Socially responsible business supported BSPB Conservation Centre Poda


The leading Bulgarian company for professional restaurant equipment - TOMEKO Ltd. donated the BSPB Conservation Centre Poda with complete equipment for its kitchen. The donation is of great importance, as it ensures hot food not only to the staff of the centre, but also to the internship students, which help the work of the centre and stay at Poda during periods of several months. Students from different universities in Europe have their practical courses at the Conservation centre and provide invaluable help. They work with the visitors and give them the lecture...