Eurasian Spoonbills started their breeding season at Poda Protected Site


Recently we announced the arrival of the Eurasian Spoonbills at Poda Protected Site and they already produced even fresher news. On 14.03.2015 we observed the first Eurasian Spoonbill's pair to build its nest in the already established colony of Grey, Night and Purple Herons, Little Egrets and Pygmy Cormorants. Intensive work was going on - every one to three minutes a Spoonbill was arriving with nesting material, was staying at the nest for several minutes and was flying back for new material. The nesting material was collected from quite nearby, from about just 200...

Poda Centre celebrated the World Water Day 2015 with a voluntary action


The World Water Day 2015 (22 March) was celebrated with a two-day voluntary action on 21-22 March 2015. Thirteen people from Burgas, Varna, Sofia and the internship student from Germany Julia Kestler gave their contribution to the area around the Conservation Centre and Poda Protected Site to become even better for both birds and visitors. Trashy wooden remains of the breeding platforms, that were built before to support some of the birds as well as remains of last year's vegetation were turned into a special microhabitat for invertebrates, amphibians and reptiles....

Eurasian Spoonbills arrived at Poda Protected Site


This year the first Eurasian Spoonbill was observed at the Poda Protected Site on 23.03.2015. On the next day two adult birds (probably a pair) were recorded at the site. On 30.03.2015 the birds become three and started to keep themselves in the area of the breeding colony. Spoonbills were circling and landing near to the Grey Herons, which are already at their nests. Due to its small number and the threat of extinction from the fauna of Bulgaria, the Eurasian Spoonbill is included in the National Red Data Book. It breeds at just five places in the country, four of...

Poda Conservation Centre restored its internship practice


On 1st March 2015 Poda Centre welcomed its first internship student after years of interruption of this very important activity. Julia Kestler is from Germany studying in the Netherlands and will stay at Poda until the end of July. She studies Wildlife Management at the University of Applied Science Van Hall Larenstein in Leeuwarden. During her internship she will be part of the BSPB Poda team helping to meet visitors. Her knowledge of English, German, Dutch and French will allow her to present Poda to many people from different countries. Beside the everyday...


Another Globally Endangered Species recorded at Poda


Another Globally Endangered Species was recorded at the BSPB Poda Protected Site. On 27.02.2015 in the morning Radoslav Moldovanski observed a male Velvet Scoter ( Melanitta fusca ) on the sea at the Foros Bay. Later the bird flew South-East towards Kraymorie. Interestingly, Kraymorie is one of the sites with previous record of this species. There are just about 20 observations of Velvet Scoter for the entire 150 years history of the Bulgarian ornithology. The Velvet Scoter breeds in Northern Europe, the eastern parts of Asia Minor, in Northern and Western Asia. In...