Another Globally Endangered Species recorded at Poda


Another Globally Endangered Species was recorded at the BSPB Poda Protected Site. On 27.02.2015 in the morning Radoslav Moldovanski observed a male Velvet Scoter ( Melanitta fusca ) on the sea at the Foros Bay. Later the bird flew South-East towards Kraymorie. Interestingly, Kraymorie is one of the sites with previous record of this species. There are just about 20 observations of Velvet Scoter for the entire 150 years history of the Bulgarian ornithology. The Velvet Scoter breeds in Northern Europe, the eastern parts of Asia Minor, in Northern and Western Asia. In...

Greater Spotted Eagle (Aquila clanga) over the BSPB Centre Poda


In spite of its small territory the BSPB Poda Protected Site is an area, where it is possible often to see Globally Endangered Species of birds. All year round the Dalmatian Pelicans ( Pelecanus crispus ) are here, Yelkouan Shearwaters ( Puffinus yelkouan ) pass from the side of the sea during summer time, during winter Red-breasted Geese ( Branta ruficollis ) fly over Poda and White-headed Ducks ( Oxyura leucocephala ) find shelter here, during autumn and spring migration Poda is on the way of the Saker Falcon ( Falco cherrug ), Greater Spotted (Aquila clanga ) and...

First sights of the forthcoming Spring at Poda Protected Site


First sights of the forthcoming Spring can be noticed at the BSPB managed Poda Protected Site. They can be find in the full and often heard song of the Cetti's Warbler, in the courtship displays of the Great Cormorants at nests, in the appearance of the Penduline Tit, in the calls of the Green Woodpecker and in the first flocks of Little Gulls, flying North over the site. On 03.02.2015 an adult male Saker Falcon was heading North just near the BSPB Conservation Centre. Situation with the water levels is getting normal after the recent flooding of some parts of...

No higher bird mortality at the BSPB Protected Site Poda


Observations of the BSPB ornithologists do not show increasing numbers of dead birds at Poda Protected Site. After finding a dead Dalmatian Pelican on 25.01.2015 with positive result for bird flu, BSPB started daily inspections and searches for dead birds in the site. This measure was proposed by the BSPB representative, participating in the Epizootic Commission, which took place on 27.01.2015 at the Office of the Regional Governor of Burgas. The measure was included in the Governor's Order of the set of measures for Burgas Region, aiming in preventing cases of bird flu...

Miracles happen at Christmas time...and at Poda Reserve!


Can you believe that this photo-session of a Great Bittern have been made with an amateur camera just from the window of the visitor's hall of the BSPB Conservation Centre Poda!? Would you believe, that these are the full frames, but not cropped ones? The strong wind and the frozen surface of the wetland ‘pushed' this rare bird to the ice free water around the centre. The rest was just ‘clicking'. The Great Bittern is a relative to the herons and egrets, but unlike them he relies on its perfect camouflage. Most often this bird stays immobile and pretends...