The autumn migration at Poda Protected Area is accelerating


Although the summer is in its best time and there are still juvenile birds at nests, the first migrants already appeared at the BSPB managed Protected Area Poda. Black-headed Gulls arrived from north yet in the mid-June, at the beginning by 2-3 birds, gradually increasing up to many hundreds at the moment. Around the beginning of the third decade of June Golden Oriole, Common Nightingale and European Bee-eater started flying over Poda, and their calls resound the area around the BSPB Conservation Centre Poda all days after that. Around the same time the first for this...

Policemen help the BSPB managed Poda Protected Site near Burgas


Unustable old bird hide at the BSPB managed Poda Protected Site near Burgas was removed with the help of policemen from the Trade Union Federation of the employees in the Ministry of Interior (TUFEMI). Because of the possibility this old construction to injure somebody from the visitors of the Protected Site, the employees of the BSPB PODA Conservation Centre organised its removal. After the last storms and heavy rains the hide become even more dangerous. Several visits were paid to clarify whether the work for removing it would not be disturbing for the birds around....

Growing interest and tourist flow to the BSPB Visitors and Conservation Centre ‘Poda’ near Burgas


  During the last few weeks the interest and the visitors flow to the BSPB Visitors and Conservation Centre 'Poda' near Burgas is growing rapidly. Through the years the Centre established itself as an attractive place for school and university students groups, tourists and holiday groups from the Black Sea resorts, participants in various workshops, journalists trips and tens of individual visitors and birdwatchers from UK, Germany, France, Poland, Russia, US and other countries. One of the highlights for the visitors is the White-tailed Sea Eagle, spending most...