Wintering birds



wintering.jpgPoda Protected Site and adjacent wetlands provide calmness and enough food to a great number of wintering birds. That is why here the winter is far from being a 'dead season'.

Even at vely low temperatures some parts of Poda Protected Site remain unfrozen and provide shelter to virtually all birds wintering at the Burgas Wetlands. Ususally during the winter time all three species of swans can be seen there, together with almost all European dabbling and diving duck species, greebs, Great Egret, Great Bittern, White-tailed Sea Eagle, tens Marsh Harriers, and many other species. Regular here are the Globally Endangered Dalmatian Pelicans, often the White-headed Ducks also winer here.

Most of these species can be observed from the terraces of the BSPB Nature Conservation Centre without being disturbed. This is especially important for them during the winter, as disturbance leeds to energy losses which may impose the birds to serious threat during this time of the year.