A crucial point in the preservation of Kresna Gorge

We organized the preparation of a technically sound alternative for a highway track outside Kresna Gorge. Our proposal was pivotal for our efforts to protect biodiversity in the gorge. For the first time an NGO proposed a practical alternative for a big infrastructural project. Our proposal facilitated the more recent decision to move Struma Highway out of Kresna Gorge.

First national action plans

We published the first national action plans for the conservation of globally endangered bird species in Bulgaria.

Twice more Ramsar sites in Bulgaria

Our active efforts for the conservation of wetlands of global importance led to doubling the number of Ramsar sites in Bulgaria. Following our proposal, water bodies in the vicinity of Shabla, Ibisha Island, Poda Protected Area, Pomorie Wetlands, Vaya lake and Belene Islands complex were included in the list. Thus 10 wetland areas with a total area of 20 306 hectares fell under the protection of the Ramsar Convention.

For pastures and rare breeds

With the support of the Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality of the Netherlands the BSPB and Ark Foundation launched a project for sustaining biodiversity on pastures in the Eastern Rhodope Mountains through extensive breeding and conservation of the autochthonous primitive cattle breed Rhodope Shorthorn. Another innovative approach that would become popular in several European countries in the following years within the framework of the Rewilding Europe initiative.