Bulgaria’s Vice-president Todor Kavaldzhiev became the first honorary member of the BSPB

The Bulgarian Vice-president’s decision to join the BSPB was an important recognition of the organization’s contribution to the protection and conservation of the Bulgarian natural heritage.

Construction of Poda and Iztochni Rodopi, the first nature conservation centres in Bulgaria

We built the first nature conservation centres in Bulgaria – Poda and Iztochni Rodopi. They played (and still play) a pivotal role in the organization’s educational and nature conservation activities. Their construction was funded with support by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation.

Direct participation in the updating of Bulgarian legislation

The BSPB was a direct participant in the modernization of our national legislation, including through our participation in the work of several committees of the Bulgarian Parliament. We contributed for the development of a modern Protected Territories Act in compliance with European legislation.

Publication of the first national book on Important Bird Areas in Bulgaria

Based on extensive scientific data and on recognized common criteria we identified 50 Important Bird Areas (IBAs) in Bulgaria, adding to the original list of IBAs. IBAs formed the ‘backbone’ of biodiversity conservation in the country, and of the Natura 2000 network too. A monitoring of the state of the IBAs was initiated. The first Bulgarian book about IBAs was published – it was also the first in the nature conservation series published by the BSPB.

The BSPB nature conservation book series – the foundation of a systematic series on nature conservation

Important Bird Areas in Bulgaria set the foundations for the most representative nature conservation book series in Bulgaria. Subsequently, the initiative was picked up by other organizations too and other animal and plant groups were included. Until 2020 36 publications were realized as part of the series.

Protected territories

We contributed for the declaration of more than 30 new protected territories, thus providing legal protection for emblematic sites such as Poda near the city of Burgas, as well as for hundreds of endangered species of plants and animals across the country.

Helping tortoises

We initiated a project for the conservation of Bulgaria’s two species of tortoises that are globally endangered by extinction.