Helping our colleagues abroad

Being the second BirdLife partner from Eastern Europe after Hungary, we were able to share our extensive experience with nature conservation organizations from other countries too. First, with 7 countries from Central and Eastern Europe where we assisted in building the capacity for realizing the national common bird monitoring schemes.

The Kaliakra Case

After we exhausted the options for protecting Kaliakra as part of the European natural heritage, we lodged a complaint with the EC. The Kaliakra Case turned emblematic for the challenges that sites from the Natura 2000 network face. Unfortunately, it led to a sentence for Bulgaria 8 years later – in 2016.

Work for endangered species

The national plan for the conservation of the Egyptian vulture in Bulgaria was accepted – the result of our 20-year-long efforts for the conservation of this critically endangered species.

We installed a record number of 103 man-made nestboxes in order to give a chance to the globally endangered saker falcon to start breeding in Bulgaria again. We installed another 150 nestboxes for the red-footed falcon.

Practical benefits from the agri-environmental measures

First systematic effort for the protection and conservation of pastures and meadows of high conservation value. For the first time in Bulgaria, a non-governmental organization tests agri-environmental measures and illustrates practices for nature conservation through the sustainable use of natural resources.