Helping the white stork

We raised 355 white stork nests on electricity pylons and poles on special platforms and made them safe from electrocution within the framework of a joint project with the electricity provider CEZ Distribution Bulgaria.

A third ‘Green Oscar’ for the BSPB

Her Royal Highness Princess Anne presented Dr Nikolay Petkov with the prestigious Whitley Award for his long-term involvement and dedication for the conservation of the Shabla and Durankulak Lakes – important wintering grounds for the red-breasted geese.

The last remaining European souslik colony in Western Strandzha was saved

The programme for the relocation of sousliks in the area of the last remaining colony of the species in Zapadna Strandzha Protected Area (Natura 200 network) ended with a success. The colony was saved from extinction, and the sousliks numbers in the area rose with about 70 per cent.