The first GIS data base for nature territories

In cooperation with the Bulgarian Executive Environment Agency we developed the first GIS data base for nature territories and integrated it into the system of the Agency. The data base includes 33 Important Bird Areas that meet the international criteria for wetlands of international significance.

European scheme for common bird monitoring

For the first time in Bulgaria we introduced the Pan-European Common Bird Monitoring Scheme (PECBMS or CBM in short). To date, hundreds of volunteers participate in the scheme. The gathered data are analyzed and used as an indicator for the management of agricultural lands in Bulgaria, as well as for the state of the environment. Thanks to our initiative Bulgaria became the only Southeastern European country supplying consistent data for the scheme.

Kartali Spring Nature Conservation Educational Camp

In 2004 we launched the nature conservation educational initiative Kartali in the Eastern Rhodope Mountains. Participants in the camp receive training by recognized experts in the principles of conservational biology and in nature conservation skills. Over the years the Kartali Camp earned its place as another nature conservation educational initiative of the BSPB that provides knowledge and encourages hundreds of nature-lovers to take action for its conservation.

The Balchik case

In cooperation with Albena EAD the BSPB prevented the construction of a wind park in one of the sites with most intensive bird migration along the Via Pontica flyway near the town of Balchik. We provided extensive scientific data and we drew the attention of international institutions to the case, including the Bern Convention.