Yesterday during the sessions of side events at the MOP8 was held Cooperation Beyond the Borders – Conservation of Migratory Geese within the AEWA Flyway event.
Organiser were Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds, Lithuanian Ornithological Society, AEWA Red-breasted Goose IWG/AEWA Lesser White-fronted Goose IWG supported by LIFE for Safe Flight Project and LIFE LWfG CLIMATE. The side event aimed to showcase the benefit of the EU LIFE funding for Species Action plans implementation and the AEWA IWG set up as a network for driving such projects. We presented the results of the concluding EU Life Project on the conservation of the Red-breasted Goose along the global flyway led by the Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds and in cooperation with the AEWA RbG IWG, and the current LIFE LWfG CLIMATE focused on creating resilient network of sites for the Lesser White-fronted Goose, led by the Lithuanian
Ornithological Society. At the event we launched the AEWA technical report with the results of the October 2021 autumn survey of migratory geese in Kazakhstan, which presents new data on numbers of geese recorded there during the survey. The side event stressed on the benefit of international cooperation and what is being achieved with support of the network of the Species IWG of AEWA. The projects presented are examples of how EU funding instruments could be put into use for implementing AEWA Species Action Plans and the advancement of what has been achieved in their implementation.
The event was well visited by participants and a lengthy interview has been given to BBC following the end of the side event on the conservation problems and work on the Red-breasted Goose.