BirdLife International and its partners in Europe and Central Asia will celebrate the amazing world of the bird migration on the 1st and 2nd of October. During this period of the year millions of birds leave Europe heading to their wintering grounds on the South.

The biggest event of the BirdLife Partnership in Europe is organized since 1993. During this time the EuroBirdwatch has attracted almost 1.3 million people who observed more than 96 million of migrating birds.

This year, 33 national partners of BirdLife International in Europe and Central Asia organize events and birdwatching points where people observe the birds and hear interesting facts about bird migration and threats, they face during their journeys.

Bulgarian Society for the protection of the birds traditionally celebrates the European Birdwatch with several events in different cities in the country.


Sofia, 1 October, 9:00–14:00. Birds observation in the search of the kingfisher, South park, in front of the Statue of the Great tit

Confirm your participation here:

1–2 October Successfully graduated students from the BSPB’s Birdwatching course will travel to Rila mountain in the search of the mysterious White-backed woodpecker

Plovdiv, 1 October, 9:00–15:00, Youth hill

In partnership with PlovdivStagePark and the Biology Faculty of Plovdiv University BSPB organizes a birdwatching event.

Event’s program:

9:00 – Birdwatching
Starting point at the Rowing facilities. Register here:

12:00 – Art workshop for the youngest participants/ making of birdfeeders

13:00 – „Young environmentalist“ game, suitable for the children up to 10 years old. Register here:

14:30 – „Guess the song“ quiz

Varna, 02 October, 8:30–14:00 Birdwatching trip, starting point train station „Povelianovo“. Meeting point at the parking lot: coordinates 43.194006, 27.640389

The participants should come with their own cars and binoculars.

Veliko Tarnovo, 1 October, 09:00–12:00 Birdwatching trip in park “Sveta gora”.

Meeting point at the Gallery in 09:00.

Gotse Delchev, 27 September, 12:30–13:30 Presentation “Birds protection” in the School of Mathematics and Science „Iane Sandanski“

01 October, 10:30–12:00  Birdwatching in Banichan village (Meeting point in front of the stork nest with the web-camera.)

Burgas, Poda Nature Conservation Centre, birdwatching of the local and migratory birds with the experts of the Center.

The overall aim of the EuroBirdwatch is to raise awareness for the needs of the migratory birds on the breeding areas, the flyways and stop–overs, and in the wintering places in the Mediterranean and in Africa. Birds face to many threats during migration. The most serious are climate change, intensification of the land use and illegal killing.

On the end of this EuroBirdwatch weekend the numbers of all observed birds and participating people are counted and reported via the national centres to the European centre. The results will be continuously updated on web page and on Facebook

The celebration is held within the projects “Danube free sky”/(LIFE19 NAT/SK/001023), “Life for Falcons”/LIFE20 NAT/BG/00116, “Egyptian Vulture New Life/LIFE16 NAT/BG/000874 и “Life for Safe Flight”/LIFE16/NAT/BG/000847