The Egyptian Vulture flies 1000s of miles to migrate every year and faces many dangers along the way. On September 17th, people worldwide will run to raise awareness of this beautiful endangered bird by trying to outrun a real time migration Egyptian vulture tagged with transmitters!

Will you join them?

At the peak of the Egyptian vulture migration, we will try to outrun the fastest birds migrating on this day! We will announce the selected Egyptian vultures 2 days before the event!


  1. On September 17th, warm up and run, walk, cycle or even kayak distance of at least 1,6 km, which is exactly 1 mile! You can do this at your home, yard, park, or mountain. It is up to you to choose the place!
  2. If you want to receive an official race number, please register using the following form:
  3. Share your distance on Facebook and hashtag #MileForEv
  4. Share your photo/video with us, and let’s show the world how magnificent and important Egyptian vultures are!

Run, cycle or walk a mile or more and post on our Facebook event or any of your social media accounts #MileForEv to be a part of a great migration!

It doesn’t matter how far you run, how slow you go. You can walk to school, cycle after work or just take a stroll to the shops. What matters is that you arrive at your destination unharmed – just how we want Egyptian Vultures to travel their perilous migration route. The Egyptian Vulture and many other migratory species might face many obstacles in their flight for survival. They must survive for their own future and the habitats they are an essential part of. And you can help!

Raising awareness of the migration of these important birds helps to keep them safe. By knowing more about them and the challenges they face, more people will care, and we can continue to work on helping them fly the thousands of miles they travel every year.

Following in the footsteps (or wing beats!) of one of nature’s finest athletes – the Egyptian Vulture – people from Africa through the Middle East and to the Balkans will take part and post their miles on social media, and you can join in too! It doesn’t matter where you live, so long as you post that you did a mile on Saturday, September 17th, with #MileForEv

Every mile you walk or run is important and symbolic. United around the idea of supporting the Egyptian Vulture’s great migration, everyone can raise awareness and make a difference.