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Support us by making a donation for the conservation of birds and nature in Bulgaria! Your donation is your present to Bulgarian nature and an expression of your belief that you have the power and the courage to change the world around you.

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By joining us you contribute to the conservation of birds and other wildlife. Together we can protect and conserve nature, so that we live in a better, healthier environment. Only then will we be able to truly appreciate the world around us.

Support Bars – birds’ best friend!

The only anti-poison canine team in Bulgaria – Bars the German shepherd and his handler Nikolay Terziev, – need your support. They are on an important mission – to protect nature and us, humans, from the most serious threat to wildlife there is – the illegal use of poisons and poisoned baits.

We look after wild birds and their homes

Day after day we dedicate ourselves to the conservation of biodiversity. We aim to contribute to the sustainable use of natural resources and to defend everyone’s right to a preserved nature and a healthy environment.

How can I help?

You have found an injured or distressed bird? Or a young chick? You don’t know what to do? Here is our advice how to help and what you should do!

Water for the birds

Water for the birds

Birds need water to drink and to bathe. Water availability is particularly important during the winter when natural sources freeze, but it is much needed during the hot, dry summer months too...

Nature Conservation Centres


This haven for more than 280 species of birds is located at a mere 10-minutes’ drive from the city of Burgas.

Eastern Rhodopes

Welcome to the realm of raptors in the Eastern Rodope Mountains, along the valley of Arda River.