Nero, © Volen Arkumarev

At the end of July, a BSPB team tagged three more Egyptian vultures with GPS transmitters in the Eastern Rhodopes. Meet Bella, Sky, and Nero. Bella and Sky are four years old and soon to be fully grown, and Nero is three years old.


Bella, © Volen Arkumarev

The three birds are at an interesting age because they are about to find partners and choose breeding territories. Information from the GPS transmitters will help us learn more about the species’ juvenile wanderings and closely study the mating process in the wild.


Sky, © Volen Arkumarev

In addition to them, one of the young Egyptian vultures released in the Eastern Rhodopes in June was caught, which lost its transmitter and was re-tagged with a tracking device.

The activity is carried out in the framework of the LIFE project “Еgyptian Vulture New LIFE”.