Protected area Chernata skala

Woodchat shrike (Lanius senator)

"Chernata skala" is the biggest protected area in Madzharovo municipallity. It is situated on the northern shore of Arda river. It was proposed by BSPB and successfuly promulgated in 2001. "Chernata skala" PA includes big cliff complex, pastures, bushes and mixed deciduous forests. Some rare plants included in the Red Data Book of Bulgaria can be found here like Fritilaria pontica, Cardius thracicus, Verbascum humile, Verbascum roripifolia etc.

This protected area is crucial for the conservation of some rare and threatened reptiles and amphibiand - European tree frog (Hyla arborea), Montpellier snake (Malpolon monspessulanum). The European legless lizard (Ophisaurus apodus) has one of the highest population densities in Eatern Rhodopes. The diversity of birds is very high with 67 breeding species, 22 of which are with unfavourable conservation status in Europe. Here can be seen the Rock nuthatch (Sitta neumayer), Peregrine falcon (Falco peregrinus), Blue Rock-trush (Monticola solitarius), Wryneck (Jynx torquilla), Nightjar (Caprimulgus europaeus), Woodchat Shrike (Lanius senator). The protected area is inhabited by some mammals like Wild boar (Sus scrofa), Red fox (Vulpes vulpes), European wildcat (Felis silvestris), Stone marten (Martes foina).

Caution! Human presence in the vicinity of nests of threatened species might lead to breeding failure.



Tree frog (Hyla arborea)
Wryneck (Jynx torquila)
Fox (Vulpes vulpes)