Protected area Gurgena

Geoffroy's Bat (Myotis emarginatus)

"Gurgena" is a small protected area near Madzharovo. It includes rocky volcanic coomb with caves, niches, deciduous forest. The vegetation is xerofilic with many Mediterranean plant species like Butcher's room (Ruscus aculeatus), Jasmin (Jasminum fruticans). One of the protected species is the parasite plant Lathraea rhodopaea.

Characteristic birds include Black Stork (Ciconia nigra), Cirl Bunting (Emberiza cirlus), Woodchat Shrike (Lanius senator), Nightjar (Caprimulgus europaeus). The sight is of crucial importance for the conservation of three bat species included in the IUCN Red List - Greater Horshoe Bat (Rhinolophus ferrumequinum), Mediterranean Horshoe Bat (Rhinolophus euryale) and Geoffroy's Bat (Myotis emarginatus). The colony of Geoffroy's Bat is the largest known in Europe with about 7000 individuals counted in 1997.


Black stork (Coconia nigra)
Lathraea rhodopaea