A second Dalmatian pelican colony in Bulgaria!

A second Dalmatian pelican breeding colony was formed in Peschina Marsh, on platforms constructed by the BSPB – a result of our long-term efforts in partnership with Persina Nature Park. This enormous conservation success contributes significantly to the chances of survival of this globally endangered species in Bulgaria.

The European court accepted the BSPB’s arguments for violations during the construction of wind parks in the area of Kaliakra

The European court convicted Bulgaria for not complying with European legislation on the Kaliakra Case and thus confirmed on the highest level that the BSPB positions on the case from its beginning had been right. This was a turning point for the protection of Natura 2000 in Bulgaria, as this approach in nature conservation started being accepted more seriously.

Under the guidance of the BSPB an action plan for the conservation of the eastern population of the Egyptian vulture along its flyway was developed.

We formed the first canine anti-poison team in Bulgaria

We care for the only dog in Bulgaria that is trained to find poisoned baits or poisoned animals in the wild. Bars works in a team with our colleague Nikolay Terziev.

We track vultures with GPS transmitters

We organized the most comprehensive satellite study in Bulgaria and on the Balkans of the movements of griffon and black vultures in order to identify the most common threats for their species and to implement relevant conservation measures and decisions.