First case of arresting an egg collector in Bulgaria

With assistance from the BSPB and the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds, UK, the Bulgarian police apprehended a British citizen responsible for robbing a significant number of nests of rare bird species.

First insulation installation on dangerous power lines in Bulgaria

289 electricity pylons and poles that were a threat to imperial eagles on Sakar Mountain were insulated in a joint effort with the electricity provider EVN.

The BSPB bought the first forests to support nature conservation

With the assistance of the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds a donor from the UK gave the BSPB the chance to buy the forest between Kovan Kaya and Patronka Protected Areas, thus connecting the two with a natural corridor that is essentially protected – the first private ‘protected territory’ in Bulgaria.

Following the red-breasted goose

Together with colleagues from the WWT, UK, we organized the first successful telemetric tracking of the red-breasted goose in the world and we discovered a new important area for the species in Romania.

The first tagging and ringing of white-fronted geese in the country took place, and the BSPB joined the European project for studying and tracing the migration of the white-fronted geese, coordinated by Germany.