Involvement for the Bulgarian Biodiversity Act

Thanks to the significant contribution of the BSPB for the development of the Bulgarian Protected Territories Act the Minister of Environment and Water commissioned us with the preparation of the framework for the Bulgarian Biodiversity Act – one of the most important government documents for nature conservation, as well as for the integration of the European legislation for biodiversity conservation. Thanks to our involvement in the work of parliamentary committees we contributed significantly for a modern Hunting and Game Conservation Act too.

Preparation for the Natura 2000 network

We initiated a systematic capacity building for Bulgarian institutions and the public for the creation of the Natura 2000 network in Bulgaria. A strategy for the network was planned. 3 model proposals were prepared for Special Protected Areas (Kompleks Kamchia, Kompleks Mandra-Poda, Ostrov Vardim), and the first information campaign was launched under the title Natura 2000 – for people and birds.

First agri-environmental projects

We realized the first agri-environmental projects in Bulgaria. Together with farmers and land owners we aim at habitat conservation for endangered species, for example the red-breasted goose in the area of Durankulak Lake.

Post stamps with BSPB’s symbol and logo

In cooperation with the BSPB Bulgarian Posts issued a series of 4 post stamps with Egyptian vultures and the BSPB logo – a first for a nature conservation organization in Bulgaria.