Launch of the Important Bird Area Programme – the basis for the future Natura 2000 network

We started the systematic collection of scientific data in order to identify the most important bird areas in Bulgaria, to assess their state and monitor it over time and to build the scientific argumentation for proposing them as protection candidates under the European legislation – as a part of the European ecological network Natura 2000.

National bank of ornithological data

We initiated the creation of a National bank for ornithological data. Over the years the bank provided the scientific base for successful actions for the protection and conservation of birds and biodiversity. Data from the bank are used for decision-making and for the preparation of reports and regulation documentation by state agencies and business organizations.

First poster for bird conservation

In 1991 the BSPB published the first poster on bird conservation in the most recent Bulgarian history. The poster was dedicated to the vultures; it was drawn by the painter Georgi Pchelarov. The project was funded by the Swiss Ornithological Institute thanks to the cooperation of its director, Werner Mueller.

The war against poisons

Members of the BSPB working for the conservation of vultures in the Eastern Rhodope Mountains initiated the systematic action against the use of poisons and tranquilizers in the wild. Local people and institutions were enlisted in the fight against this extremely dangerous threat.