Organized field conservation activities

In 1989, the BSPB launched the first organized summer volunteer conservation camp dedicated to the birds in Atanassovsko Lake Reserve, that later became a tradition. Over the years, conservation camps transformed into a true institution for generations of conservationists.

Poda – the first protected area to be managed by a nature conservation NGO

Following a proposal by the BSPB, Poda Protected Area was declared near the city of Burgas; the protected area was officially entrusted to the BSPB for its conservation and model management – a precedent in Bulgarian history. Over the years Poda was recognized as one of the most popular ornithological sites in the country but also as a model for protected nature site management. Thus the BSPB pioneered in nature conservation management of a territory.

Conservation of terns and avocets

We constructed the first man-made islands and platforms in Bulgaria and thus we saved the populations of terns and avocets in Atanassovsko Lake Reserve from extinction and even increased their numbers.

For the spoonbill and the glossy ibis

Declaring Poda a protected area in 1989 contributed for the preservation of the only nesting colony of the spoonbill and the glossy ibis on our Black Sea coast.

Save the Montagu’s harrier

The BSPB were able to intervene and after talks with local authorities and agricultural producers in the region of Bolyarovo we saved the nests of several pairs of Montagu’s harriers in fields of wheat. The nests were under threat of being destroyed during harvest.

First organized birdwatching tours in Bulgaria

The organization of birdwatching tours was one of our first activities – another example of pioneering in Bulgaria.