Saker falcon nest guarding

For the first time in Bulgaria, we organized nest guarding for an endangered species – the saker falcon. The activity was continued in the following decades too, including nests of other critically endangered species for the country, for example the imperial eagle and the Egyptian vulture.

The fight against wildlife crime – a priority for the BSPB

The first actions for the prevention of saker falcon nest robbery were taken, as well as against saker falcon breeding in captivity. First attempts to involve the Bulgarian Ministry of Interior and the State Prosecutor in the fight against wildlife crime.

Biodiversity monitoring

We created the first national scheme for biodiversity monitoring in Bulgaria, consisting of over 200 volunteers. The volunteers contributed for the improvement of data quality from the midwinter waterfowl count and the autumn migration survey for soaring birds from Tochkata observation point near Atanassovsko Lake. We initiated monitoring of the imperial eagle and the white stork – activities that provide the necessary data for the preparation and implementation of policies for sustainable management of natural resources.