The BSPB is actively involved in forest conservation

Since its foundation the BSPB has always contributed to forest conservation through many of its activities but in 2005 we started an organized effort in this respect. A professional team from the BSPB took steps for the conservation of old-growth forests working in narrow cooperation with forest experts from BirdLife International. A BSPB officer coordinates the forest work group of BirdLife.

Active international participation

We started an active international participation through projects in partnership with other Eastern European countries as chief partner in order to support their research and conservation efforts.

Success in species conservation

The national populations of the imperial eagle and the griffon vulture reach the greatest breeding success over the last 10 years thanks to the systematic efforts by the BSPB, including nest guarding and supplementary feeding.

Important Bird Areas and Natura 2000 for the birds

BirdLife International approved the expansion of the IBA network in Bulgaria to 114 sites that were presented to the institutions and the public as a draft for the Natura 2000 network for bird conservation.