The first big international projects of the BSPB – Poda and the Eastern Rhodope Mountains

In 1994, with help from the Swiss Ornithological Institute, and its director Werner Mueller in particular, the first two big projects by the BSPB were approved – for the protection of Poda Protected Area near the city of Burgas, and for the conservation of vultures and other nature heritage in the Eastern Rhodope Mountains. The projects were a part of the Bulgarian-Swiss Biodiversity Conservation Programme (BSBCP); the other 6 projects under the Programme were carried out by the Ministry of Environment and Water.

First integral nation-wide count of the white stork

Since 1994 the BSPB organizes the count of the white stork on the national level for Bulgaria. The white stork count is an initiative that takes place in all European countries every ten years.

First telemetric studies

We introduced the use of telemetry in zoological research in Bulgaria. For the first time we carried out a telemetric study of the corncrake on a project, funded by the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB). For the first time it was scientifically proven that the corncrake migrates locally during its breeding season in search of suitable conditions for raising a second brood.