The first CSO for nature conservation in the modern history of Bulgaria

Scientists, university teachers and nature lovers united around the idea for an organization that could contribute to the conservation of birds and nature in Bulgaria through real action. June 3rd is considered the birthday date of the BSPB, as the constituent assembly of the organization took place on this day.

The first campaign

Against the mass use of rodenticides in the last months of 1988 that led to the demise of thousands of birds of many species, including critically endangered ones.

Saving the Dalmatian pelicans in Srebarna Lake

In the period 1988–1996 we worked successfully for preserving the Dalmatian pelican colony in Srebarna Reserve when urgent measures were needed.

The return of the griffon vultures

We initiated organized actions for the conservation of the only existing colony of griffon vultures in Bulgaria – in the Eastern Rhodope Mountains, through regular supplementary feeding.

The basis of nature conservation management of populations and sites

Through our direct actions for supporting breeding pairs, for supplementary feeding of endangered species and for improving the conditions in protected areas, we introduced systematic, consistent conservation management in Bulgaria.

We created the first network of volunteers in Bulgaria; to this day they participate in the monitoring of biodiversity, with regularly organized mid-winter waterfowl count, common birds monitoring, imperial eagle monitoring, white stork count. These activities provide the necessary data for the preparation and implementation of policies for sustainable management of natural resources.