How can I make my windows safe for birds?

Have you ever heard a ‘bang’ on a window at home, then rush outside to find a bird on the ground in front of it? Big window panes are dangerous for birds, as they are invisible or reflect their surroundings, making the birds think they can fly through.

Don’t worry! You can put something on the window panes to show the birds that there is an obstacle on their way. Stickers are one of the best, most recommended solutions. And you can even make them yourself.

How to make the best window stickers at home?

Use bright colours: thus the stickers will stand out on the window. Red and orange are the best colours for birds – they see them very clearly. Put the stickers really close to each other; birds can fly through very narrow gaps, for example between the branches of a tree. Therefore we recommend to put them 10–15 cm apart.

If it is safe and possible for you, put the stickers on the exterior side of the window pane. There they are much more effective – they ‘break up’ the reflections much better.

Be creative! There are countless sticker designs that you can use.

More ideas you can try out…

  • Hang up lace curtains or blinds – they let light in but make the windows visible for the birds.
  • Switch off the lights when you don’t need them – confused by the light, birds that migrate during the night might lose their way, or they can even collide with the window.
  • In case of a collision, when the bird is lying down motionless, it doesn’t necessarily mean it is dead. It might be just stunned. Put it in a closed cardboard box for an hour, after you make some holes for aeration. The bird will calm down and relax. If it has no visible injuries and doesn’t behave in a strange way, you can set it free. If there are injuries, it should be sent to a specialized treatment centre for wild animals.