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Dr. Vladimir Dobrev, Dr. Dobromir Dobre and Dr. Dimitar Demerdzhiev from the Bulgarian Society for the protection of birds have been invited as guest editors in the international peer reviewed journal Diversity, with impact factor 2.465. The scientific journal is dedicated to the biodiversity and topics from genetics, populations and species to ecosystems. It is published monthly by the Swiss organization MDPI, which ensures a free access to more than 85 scientific editions.

Our colleagues will manage the selection, acceptance and reviewing processes for the manuscripts of this special edition of the journal, dedicated to the raptors. The main focus will be on the current status of the species of raptors around the world and their role in the global conservation priorities.

BSPB has been working for years for the conservation and restoration of the numerous iconic species for the Bulgarian nature, such as Egyptian vulture, Griffon vulture, Lesser spotted eagle, Saker falcon, White-tailed eagle, Imperial eagle and Black vulture. Experience gathered during the field work and fruitful partnerships in the various projects constituted a firm base to build upon in the future in our efforts to help the birds and the nature.

© Rashis Rashid/Science for Nature Foundation

The interest of BSPB and scientists from around the world towards the raptors is kindled not only by their threatened status, but because of their key role in securing the crucial ecosystem services. They have evolved to adapt and specialized to different habitats and foods. Globally, eighteen percent of raptors are threatened with extinction and 52% of raptors have declining populations. Raptors stand at the top of food pyramids and normally occur at low densities over vast areas. Understanding and studying of their demography, numbers, diet, resources, migration, ecological requirements and threats will give us invaluable information about the current functions and the status of the ecosystems.

You can find more information for the manuscripts requirements here: Diversity | Special Issue : Conservation and Ecology of Raptors (mdpi.com)

Deadline is 15th of October 2022.