Photo: © Petra Boic Petrac

In March 2024 the kick-off meeting of the ‘Climate resilient, natural water retention focused restoration of riversides and riparian areas adversely affected by human interventions along the Danube and its tributaries within the Danube Region’ (RESTORIVER), an Interreg Danube Region Programme project, was held in Budapest. The project unites 15 partners from Central and Eastern Europe in their mission to support the adaptation to the climate change in the Danube River region.

The lead partner in the project with a duration of 30 months is BSPB. During the meeting partners were introduced to the main objectives and goals of the project and had in-depth discussions on the planning of the coming activities.

Снимка: © Ирина Матеева

Photo: © Irina MateevaThe last day was dedicated to a field trip to Erd – one of the areas for the project pilots.

Photo: © BSPB

Amongst the main activities planned within the project are:

  • Identification, screening and regular information and engagement of local and national policy makers, citizens and other relevant stakeholders, to sensitise and involve
  • Channelling target group-specific knowledge, research results and applicable good practices into capacity building processes
  • General information provision and communication activities
  • Preparing and planning optimal management, restoration and intervention options for specified intervention areas
  • Implementation of pilots, including small scale field measures with the highest demonstration potential
  • Stimulating improved and more integrated water management, climate change adaptation and urban /land use planning within RESTORIVER countries and regions
  • Influencing national and international planning and management policies in order to introduce more integrated and effective approaches in riverside management throughout the Danube Region

In April we will announce the website of the project where you can find all the relevant information about it.

RESTORIVER, an Interreg Danube Region Programme project, co-funded by the European Union, promotes climate change adaptation capacities in the Danube Region and disaster management on transnational level in relation to environmental risks taking into account ecosystem-based approaches.