Inspired by last year challenge results, enthusiasm and the spirit where more than 180 people from 19 countries fulfilled the motto “Birds connect our world” and took part in our real-time running challenge, surpassing the result of the three migrating Egyptian vultures with installed GPS transmitters – Jenny, Izi, and Solomon!

The Egyptian vulture New LIFE team inviting you again to join in the 2021 challenge “Can we outrun real-time migrating Egyptian vultures? This year we are going to celebrate International vulture awareness day, and we promise the run to be even more challenging! On 18th September, at the peak of the Egyptian vulture migration, we will try to outrun the fastest birds migrating on this day. We will announce the selected Egyptian vultures 2 days before the event!

Every year the Egyptian vultures set out on 2,500 miles long epic journey to their wintering grounds. And this is not just a race, but a race for their survival as these birds push the limits of endurance! Prepare yourself for a mile! On Saturday, 18th September (all day long), we are going to run real-time with the fastest three tagged Egyptian vultures! Will we be able to cover a longer distance than them? We are going to answer these questions at the end of the day!

Check out how exactly you can participate in our IVAD challenge:

1. On 18 September, warm-up, then run or walk the distance of at least 1.6 km, which is exactly 1 air mile! You can do this at you home, yard, in the park or in the mountain. It is up to you to choose the place!
To receive an official running number for the event, please fill the form:
2. Share your distance on Facebook and hashtags #AmilefortheEV.
3. Share with us your photo/video, and let’s show to the world how magnificent and important the Egyptian vultures is!