Support one of the most successful environmental activities of the BSPB – building and maintaining the wooden platforms, where protected bird species could raise their hatchlings safely!

These special wooden constructions, set in the water bodies, provide a safe place for nesting to the rare Dalmatian pelican. During the last several years there are more nesting places for the species thanks to the platforms. They are the reason for the increasing numbers of successfully raised pelican hatchlings!

© Bogdan Boev/Sparrow

Dalmatian pelicans near Danube

During the last 60 years there was only one nesting place of the endangered Dalmatian pelican in Bulgaria – Srebarna lake. But in 2016 several stilt-platforms in Nature Park Persina, built by the BSPB and the park’s Directorate changed this. Today the species raises their hatchlings in three places in Bulgaria. The newest of them is in Kalimok-Brashlen Protected area and the reason for its existence is the platform we have placed there last winter. This year we have set an absolute record of the raised birds in the new colonies – 109.


© Bogdan Boev/Sparrow

Common terns in Poda Protected area

Common terns in Poda Protected area nest exclusively on the wooden platforms, built by the BSPB. Every year over 450 pairs choose to raise their hatchlings there. There is no other suitable place for nesting in the area.

© Georgi Gerdzhikov/Sparrow
© Veselin Zlatev/Sparrow

Platforms, built in the wetlands guarantee the safety of the birds and protect them against the ground predators.

These safe homes need repair and maintenance.

The necessary amount is 6 000 leva.

We will use it to repair the platform in Kalimok-Brashlen Protected area during the winter and prepare it for the new nesting season. In the summer we will repair 4 of the nesting platforms for common terns in Poda Protected area.

The money will help us buy construction materials – wood, metal grids, fasteners and transportation.

© Veselin Zlatev/Sparrow
© Sv.  Spasov/Sparrow

How could you help?

Support our work with a donation on our website, on, with an SMS on 17 777 with text DMS POLET (one time donation through an SMS for subscribers of Telenor, VIVACOM and A1 costs 1 leva, and for the prepaid services – 1.20 leva) or to the following bank account:

IBAN BG55 RZBB 9155 1060 1073 29


Raiffeisen bank– Bulgaria

Base for donation “Platforms” + phone number or email for contact.

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We got presents for you

  • If your donation is 20 or more leva, you will receive a pin of Dalmatian pelican + a postcard with an illustration of Bulgarian artist with the species as a gift. If you donation is 50 and more leva – a pin, a postcard and the BSPB calendar for 2022. 
  • For our two biggest supporters we will give the opportunity to visit Kalimok-Brashlen under the guidance of our expert or to visit the Poda Protected area and the platforms for the common tarns with our expert. They will have the opportunity to use the photo hide near one of the platforms.
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© Sv.  Spasov/Sparrow

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Taking care of the new generations of the iconic birds is taking care of the Bulgarian nature. It is a home for everyone. Thank you for helping us to protect it!

© Sv.  Spasov/Sparrow